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[Infographic] Why Microlearning is Changing the Workplace

[Infographic] Why Microlearning is Changing the Workplace

Finding an effective solution for implementing training and learning programs in the workplace is a major problem faced by managers, HR, and executives today. Perhaps this is why the concept of microlearning has taken the world of workplace learning by storm. We are all in search of a way to engage the modern learner, reach the growing mobile workforce, and drive team performance at the same time. Could implementing microlearning, in place of more traditional learning strategies, be the answer?

First of all, what is microlearning? It can be defined as a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, specific bursts. It involves learning in short, digestible, bite-sized units that are easily accessible through devies such as tablets or mobile phone. In a modern business, traditional methods for on-the-job learning such as webinars, manuals, workshops, and posters, are becoming far too expensive and time consuming to be effective. These internal communication channels are now old-school, giving way to further development of eLearning and new bite-sized workplace learning modules. Implementing microlearning as a training and developement strategy in your workplace could lead to huge benefits, such as improved customer service, increased innovation, and greater employee productivity.

To learn more about why microlearning is changing the workplace, check out the infographic below.

Microlearning Infographic-01.pngThe takeaway? Using microlearning in the workplace can help to engage the modern learner, reach the mobile workforce, and drive team performance.

Is your organization using (or looking to use) microlearning to train, inform, and empower its employees?  Let us know on Twitter or in the comments!

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