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[Infographic] BYOD for the Frontline Workforce: What You Need to Know

[Infographic] BYOD for the Frontline Workforce: What You Need to Know

Mobile and 'bring your own device' (BYOD) strategies are infiltrating the deskless workplace - fast. In fact, 89% of retailers plan to have an associate-facing mobile solution in place by 2021. It makes sense. With Millennials (who made up one third of American frontline employees in 2015) checking their phones upwards of 150 times a day, leveraging their personal devices for work is key.

The increasing use of mobile solutions at work is a trend you can’t ignore, and recent figures have shown that it’s here to stay. With that in mind, an effective BYOD policy that outlines how your employees can use mobile devices at work is equally as important. So, how should you go about creating a great BYOD and mobile-use strategy? Read our infographic below to familiarize yourself with BYOD, current mobile trends, and the benefits associated with implementing a mobile-first strategy for your deskless workforce:

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