Mobile app development Design

Starting Small (Building A MVP)

A little over three months ago I joined the Nudge Rewards team as a Product Designer, with the goal of unifying & organizing our design & development ...

Server Development

Why You Should Automate Your Tests

The Nudge Rewards tech stack includes a mobile app and a Rails backend. The server team is responsible for maintaining the backend and API that is cal...


Your Code Is Always Worse Than You Think

There are two ways we as developers interact with code: the first is in writing code, and the second is in reading code. As the writer of code, a natu...

Design Mobile Development

Treat yourself, and your apps.

As of June, 2016 - there are more than 2 million apps in Apple’s app store (try saying that three times fast). It’s a figure that gets tossed around a...

Server Development

Is Elixir as magical as it sounds?

A few weeks ago I attended a Ruby meetup that was set up as a Q&A session with a  panel of speakers. One of the questions asked was, and I paraphrase:...

Mobile app development Design Mobile Development

How to Design UI for Cross Platform Devices

Designing for mobile apps already seem daunting when you’ve got to figure out ideal touch area sizes, image sizes for multiple screen sizes, and which...

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