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Closing the Customer Experience Gap in Telecoms

Closing the Customer Experience Gap in Telecoms

Last week, I had the privilege to chair the first day of the CX Exchange for Telecoms event in London. This event brings together a forward-thinking group of customer experience practitioners and suppliers who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the customer experience in telecommunications.

One of the major themes coming from the event was the opportunities artificial intelligence and machine learning are bringing to transform the industry. It was encouraging to hear how a number of organisations are ramping up digital transformation strategies within their customer experience organisations, to give themselves a chance to become the CX leaders of the future.

It is clear this transformation is not easy today, nor will it be for the foreseeable future.  We are all a product of our history - grappling with legacy systems, entrenched organisational structures and the inertia of day-to-day tactical execution. However, organisations who are chained to these forces will be ultimately be destroyed by them.

Future CX leaders will find a way to bridge what Deloitte have called the ‘Gap in Performance Potential’ – the disconnect between the speed at which technology is creating opportunity and an organisations ability to adopt it.  Telecoms companies, along with all organisations that want to compete in the CX landscape need to build innovation as a core competence into their business. 

At its heart, this is about the future culture of customer centric businesses and how this culture permeates every outpost that interacts with customers.  We know that to win a customer’s loyalty we need to engage with them on an emotional level, but this requires employees to be emotionally engaged with the organisation. You cannot force people to consistently deliver great customer experiences, but you can inspire them to.

We believe that the future lies in leveraging technology to amplify the potential and the impact of people on the frontline: the last mile of team performance. At Nudge, we believe focus on closing this last mile and enabling frontline teams will be at the heart of improving team performance and, ultimately, customer experience.

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