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­­Dear Retailers: Here’s What Your Associates Really, Really Want.

I am writing you on behalf of your frontline employees and their frustration when it comes to workplace practices.

Black friday: Are your employees ready?

I t’s almost that time of year again. The holidays are approaching, it’s American Thanksgiving, and hundreds of thousands of customers are itching to ...

Technology Work Sales Coaching Frontline

The Do’s and Don’ts for Coaching Your Sales Team

Successfully coaching a sales team is difficult.

What to Know About Apple’s Latest Release: iGen

Every new Apple release causes panic across businesses, retailers, and consumers around the world. Each new product sets the bar of innovation for com...

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3 Things Millennials Want in the Workplace

Millennials are a hot topic right now. Why? Well, they're now the largest generation in the workforce, making up one-third of employees, and are shapi...

Employee Engagement Frontline HR Mobile Apps

What Retailers are Missing in their Digital Strategy

Last week I attended the Store 2016 conference hosted by the Retail Council of Canada. It was an informative event with a great deal of focus on digit...

Employee Engagement Learning

[Infographic] Why Microlearning is Changing the Workplace

Finding an effective solution for implementing training and learning programs in the workplace is a major problem faced by managers, HR, and executive...

Case Study News

[Case Study] Unimin Achieves a 96% Employee Response Rate Using Nudge

In November of 2015, Unimin, North America's leading industrial mineral producer, launched ‘Going For Zero’, an internal campaign with one ambitious g...

workplace technology world of work Employee Engagement Enterprise Mobile Frontline HR Mobile Mobile Apps

4 Reasons Employers Are Going Mobile In 2016

2015 was a big year for the world of work. From the increasing use of mobile technology, the introduction of Gen Z into the workforce, the flexible wo...